Sync date missed

Hey im still new on Syncthing, and i dont have enough experience I synced my folders from Device 1 to Device 2 Everything was okay, but after i check the date of folders i found all folders has been changed to date of today (Modified date)! I need to sync the folders with original date, that very important for me! I was using robocopy to do that by adding /DCOPY:DAT , but now i dont know if that possible here or no Thank you

Syncthing doesn’t support syncing modification times of directories, unfortunately.

Okay, thank you I hope to add this feature as soon as …

There are no plans to add this feature ever, as date modification is inconsistent between platforms, so there isn’t a way to implement this sensibly.

Hmm honestly If Syncthing destroy the created and modified date of folders that will be a very big problem … Specially if you will add a new device to sync… for example you will find all folders will have the date of today (and on my case if i sort folders by date, i will find all of them sorted above all other files!!!)

I’m sorry to disappoint you, but folder modification times have never been a reliable instrument in personal computing. I’ve talked to some people who wished they were, but in the end had to convince them to change their workflow or use better tooling because the notion of “this shows when the most recent thing in this folder was changed” just doesn’t work. I’d recommend rather looking at individual file modification times, with the folder structure being a different, orthogonal organisation mechanism to limit your search to a more narrow area.

Just out of curiosity, is there any other file sync solution that actually preserves folder modification times? Based on my experience with the ones like Dropbox, Google Drive, etc., I don’t think they do.

Rsync, but of course what it does is quite different to what we do (single direction, multiple passes, where it finishes up timestamps and stuff at the end). Directory timestamps are annoying because we’d unintentionally clobber them whenever we create a temp file, and need to fix that up for the parent even when syncing a file fails, etc. We used to try to do this, but it just wasn’t reliable and the return on investment for the complexity wasn’t great.

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