Sync Calender & Contacts

Hi, I plan ditching owncloud and move over to syncthing.

Though is it possible to synch calendar and contacts between windows, linux pc and android phones? I’ve read some older posts which don’t indicate a clear solution.

Any advice please?


Syncthing syncs files only.

Yes, I do understand that.

What I’m inquiring about if there are any methods of using syncthing alongside other software/apps etc, to sync calendars and contacts. Sorry, if this is not a direct question about syncthing. If it was simply the case of say, syncing an ical file, I wouldn’t need to ask.

Of course you could just sync a folder of ical files, but I don’t think this would be very convenient.

I use Baikal for Calender & Contacts which works very well. I’m using it under the same platforms as you mentioned. However, the development has been discontinued. Hence I’m looking for an alternative myself.

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