Sync All / Sync on demand

Hello. I’m coming from Bittorrent sync and I want to use syncthing now.

I would like to add a feature request:

Please add a “sync all / Sync off” button to shared folders like bittorrent sync does ( if possible :wink: ) so I can download only the files I want and not the whole folder…

I want to start use syncthing and this feature is more or less the reason I’m using bittorrent sync at the moment.

Maybe there are other ways to do this but I think this feature will be the best way to do that easily.

Do you mean selective sync, like:

I mean people will be able to see the folder content ( placeholder files ) and then choose what to download

I think this feature would be more than selective sync, adding the ability for the user to browse files, and (on demand) download them + exclude them from the ignorelist.

The owncloud app has something like that: you can browse all the files, you can open them, which syncs the respective file to the device, and you can also star them, which means future updates (on the server) will also be pulled.

Maybe also related: Webinterface to browse your files?