sync a REST_API command through a Syncthing folder

sync a REST_API command through a Syncthing folder

PC_A (local)
PC_B (external no access to GUI)

issue: PC_A shares a new folder but PC_B cannot accept.

solution: a sync’t folder with REST_API commands that runs every x time.

note !: Who is gives access to the sync’t folder gave access to PC_B. In cluster arrangement with 1 folder, this can end bad when a PC_B is hijacked. for now, PC_B is tested as windows, PC_B as linux is still to be tested.

thanks to:, the people of syncthing, and google

Question: Can I have your thoughts about this please? (2.0 KB)

You’d like Syncthing to periodically or on demand run scripts from synced folders? I’m skeptical. However, as is, you can probably hack it using a custom versioner to run files as they are synced… A better plugin system for things like that (sync-complete hooks and whatnot) could be imagined.

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