symlink for .stversions?

In setting up a new pi to be located at my son’s house, I tried creating a symlink for .stversions (to another drive) in the directory I would use for the folder.

Set up the folder with trash can versioning and let it sync.

Deleted a file on another device - it didn’t appear in .stversions.

removed the symlink, deleted another file and .stversions was created containing deleted file 2.

So, was the observed behaviour as expected?

If it was, I’ll have to cobble something together with external versioning to get the behaviour I want - but it would be nice to do with just a link.

So, have I found a bug, or am I verging towards making a feature request?

All build in versioners do a move/rename, not a copy and delete (as this would take to long), so you can’t use another file system for the versions.

If you really want the versions on another partition, you should use external versioning and move the file to a temp folder on the same partition and then “schedule” a copy and delete, so Syncthing will not be blocked while the file is copied.



Couldn’t the copy and delete be done directly from .stversions?

Could even happen overnight with syncthing not running.

Yeah that’s probably the simplest. Just every day cp -r and rm -r the .stversions dir.

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