Switching from wifi to wired

Just wondered if someone could explain to me …

Pi running Raspbian headless and Laptop running Debian with Gnome desktop.

I’m syncing a 67 GiB folder from pi to laptop (folder initially empty).

Thought I might speed things up a bit if I connected a cable to the router which already had the pi cable connected. I don’t normally do this as it’s a trip hazard.

Switched off laptop wifi and checked ok by browsing to BBC.

No connection pi - laptop.

Restarted st on laptop. No joy.

Restarted st on pi. No.

Rebooted laptop. No.

Rebooted pi. AOK -connection made.

So, is it that syncthing some routing information over restarts but not over reboots?

Or something else?

If you restarted syncthing on both ends and it didn’t help, it’s most likely your laptop/pi/router which had some routing information cached, as it did fix itself after you restarted them.

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