Superuser being ignored for external storage

Now, this is quite an odd issue. As far as I’m aware, as long as you have root, you can seamlessly use external storage. Here were some of the behaviors I ran into:

  • The app randomly allows me to set the folders I want to “Receive only”, although sometimes it just randomly doesn’t. Although if I open the folder’s settings after setting it as such, it’ll revert the setting to “Send only”.

  • I installed a separate Magisk addon that added another path to external storage at “/mnt/media_rw/”, although Syncthing was still saying “Your Android version does not support writing to this folder”.

I’m kind of confused to say the least. I didn’t have this issue at all before regardless of the fact I was using the Syncthing-Fork on F-Droid. Even attempting to use that again (I switched over since the official version is on 1.2.0 and fork is on 1.1.4), I’m having this exact same issue.

I’m running on Android 9 with a custom firmware, ArrowOS, on a Moto G4. It is running on the newest update from July 20th, 2019 (although I doubt this is a firmware issue, as I updated to see if it would fix the problem because I hadn’t updated prior, and it didn’t fix it).


Did I understand this correct from your post that 1.1.4 was working before and after reinstall couldnt use root with the symptoms described?

I’d expect root mode still to work, but didn’t test myself for a long time since swapped phones… The last work on implementing root in the wrapper was back in the end of 2016. Could you please post some Android logs so we see what’s exactly going on in the root subshell?

I don’t believe that is correct. The issue is that I was using the Syncthing-Fork app available on F-Droid, which is currently on 1.1.4. It was working normally, however I changed to use the official version which was on 1.2.0. The root seemed to not allow me to write to external storage, and after trying to go back and use the Syncthing-Fork to see if it’d work, it also did not work.

I will go ahead and grab a logcat and edit this post when I have it ready.

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For some odd reason after formatting it to internal then formatting it back, I am no longer having an issue with this now. I wish I could figure out what was going on, but it seems to have been a hardware error with my SD card is the best guess I have. If it happens again, I’ll try to log it and post the error next time. Sorry for the trouble.

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Thanks for reporting back. You’re welcome :slight_smile:

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