Superslow Syncing

I have two devices, one a Mac the other an Ubuntu Server (full server, not a Pi or other small device). There are currently files on the Mac that need to be sent to the Ubuntu server, about 1GB worth of data.

Everything was working great yesterday when I initially set things up, but now syncing is incredibly slow, like 1 B/s. CPU Utilization on both devices is well below 5%, as shown in both the syncthing Web GUI and ‘top’.

Both the Mac and the Ubuntu box have Syncthing setup as daemons, so I can’t see stdout. But neither is logging to disk, either.

I don’t know where to even begin troubleshooting! Any help greatly appreciated.

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Sorry, forgot to mention, this is all on a LAN, Web GUI for each devices shows them communicating directly over LAN IPv4 address (192.168.1.xx).

1 B/s sounds like periodic pings, not any kind of syncing at all. It sounds like sync has failed for some reason. Look first in the GUI on the receiving side, then the stdout output on that same side.

Thank, Jakob! Ran syncthing interactively and quickly saw file permissions on the Ubuntu server were causing all kinds of errors. Fixed those and got right to 4.1MB/S.

But that leads to another question. I’m using Upstart, and running syncthing like this:

/usr/local/bin/syncthing -logfile /home/syncthing/syncthing.log

But no log file is being created. Definitely not file permissions this time! :slight_smile:

Is there something else I need to do to get stdout to go to a log file?

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The log file is written by the monitor process, which may be disabled when you’re running under upstart. We should probably react to that conflict when the option is given… But the logfile option is anyway fairly crappy and mostly intended for Windows. You probably want to pipe to ligger and get it into syslog, if upstart itself doesn’t have some neat way of handling it.

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