Suggestion for main webpage

I’m about to begin my Syth journey - exciting!

This forum - alongside the docs pages - have been great for researching while planning the setup.

I think the main webpage should have a “best practices” section for newcomers. The docs are great at explaining how it works but leaves n00bs still wondering what to do.

Here are two guesses, based on my own experience:

  1. The biggest hurdle is to stop thinking in terms of Server and Client, and instead embrace that it’s syncing, not uploading.
  2. The most confusing settings are folder types and versioning.

Based on this, I think a “best practises” section should tess users: “Here’s how many of our users sync their phones” and then give the specifics regarding folder types and versioning. Maybe a table would suffice. Perhaps also links to threads in the Howto and User stories sections of this forum.


The “Get Started” section with a link to downloads and a getting started is right there in the middle on The getting started guide could indeed very likely use some improvements. The docs are a community effort and anyway like you, that’s recently set up Syncthing, is perfectly suited to improve those, as you have an idea where the pain points lie. So please, feel free to improve/extend the getting started guide - that would be very much appreciated!