Suddenly not sync anymore


I have been a happy user but now it doesn’t synchronize between my Manjaro Xfce laptop and my Android (GrapheneOS) anymore.

On my phone it says it is on standby and that my laptop is disconnected and on my laptop (in the GUI) it says my folders are offline and my phone appears on standby.

I am on the same WiFi network and firewall on my laptop is disabled.

Please, see screenshots :



Thank you for any suggestions.

Difficult to say with the limited amount of information, but just in case you’ve disabled global discovery on Android, then you will likely need to enable it again (or use hard-coded IP addresses), because local discovery is currently broken in newer Android versions.

I apologise in advance if you haven’t touched any of the default settings and the problem is unrelated to the above.


I’ve just noticed that the phone is actually paused on the laptop. If this isn’t intentional, then you should definitely resume it, or otherwise synchronisation will not work for obvious reasons.

Also, in case the problem persists, please post screenshots showing the full Syncthing Web GUI (i.e. not wrappers like Syncthing-GTK, etc.) so that we can see the whole picture. The Web GUI on Android can be access through the left slide-out menu.

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Oh, I am so absent minded, I guess it is because I am tired and because of flawlessly use of Syncthing for a long time… You were right, I simply had to resume it, it is working fine now.

I apologize for this and thank you for your help.

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