subfolders that are send-only or receive-only?

My situation is similar to what someone else asked about:

“one of my picture folders is nested down 2 or 3 levels, ca. 60 Gig and growing.”

In my case, I want to make sure this nested subfolder is send-only (or that on the other devices, it is receive-only). I don’t want any other device to add to, delete from or modify my music collection.

What is the best way to handle this? I read a few other posts on this topic, including:

Read-only sync folder? - Feature - Syncthing Community Forum

Folder Types — Syncthing v1 documentation

One idea for accomplishing this is:

In the top level shared folder, I could ignore this subfolder. Then I could create a new shared folder for it, defining the send-only status.

Is that the best way?

That’s the only way, if you want to do it in Syncthing.

Another way would be to remove the write permission on the fs level for the user running Syncthing for that folder recursively. And making sure it stays removed.


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