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I am running Syncthing on 3 machines. 2 windows 10 running syncTrayzor V1.19.1 and a linux debian 10 mchine with v1.19.0, Linux (64-bit ARM). I basically added the 2 windows 10 machines as 2 Remote Devices to the Linux machine.

I have setup a share folder on the linux machine and it is shared properly on the other 2 windows machines. BUT… when i add subfolder in either of the 3 machines, it does not appear on the other two. What am I missing?

Thank you for whoever has figuered thuis out!

You can always add the folders manually by using the same id.

Thank you for your reply. I found out (the hard way) that although I specified the share folder name and locations, the system put the share folder in the user’s home directory rather than where I specified.

Since you’re using SyncTrayzor: IIRC there is a button to browse (open Explorer) for each shared folder in the GUI when you expand that folder in the left column. It also displays the full folder path there.

Thank you for your reply, and I do see the feature that you mentioned. Again, I have Syncthing running on 3 computers. 2 are running wjdows 10 and on is running debian bullseye I removed and reinstalled evrything to make sure that I have the latest versions of all and I do. Syncthing is giving me an error (se attached) whenever I creat anything on the windows machines. When Syncthing tries to sync the files to the debian machine, I getthe error but if I create a file on the Debian machine, it gets synched correctly to the windows machine. I have also captured the listing of the debian folder showing the ownership and permissions on the shared folder. they are owned by user ‘sc’ Can you please help me figure this one out? Thanks again.

out.txt (558 Bytes)

The error clearly describes the problem.

The user running Syncthing doesn’t have permissions to write to that storage location.

There is plenty information on the internet on managing linux filesystem permissions.

The user does have permission as seen in the attached screen dump

Indeed, thats something you need to fix.

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