_sub folders and pattern

Hello, could I get a little help with my ignore pattern. I really don’t understand what the letters mean when they are together. But after reading the documentation a few times I came up with this.



I have a shared directory with a mac and pc and I want to ignore the mac ds_store files and thumbnails on all folders, sub folders.

Have I set this up correctly, also adding in the override for deleting them?

With thanks_

Seems so to make no sense, since the “**” are not inside the letters, maybe in that condition:


Some other samples:


Thank you, I understood from the documentation that the ** means apply this to all sub folders.

So if i just leave the pattern as


does that apply to all folders and subfolders, with the delete workaround prefix.

with thanks, m

(?d).DS_Store definitely is enough. It matches the directory and thus all it’s children too. It’s equivalent to having both (?d).DS_Store and (?d).DS_Store/**. I.e. you don’t need the latter.

For (?d)._ I am not sure what the items actually are you want to match: Is ._ a prefix or a full name? If it’s a prefix, you need (?d)._* to match e.g. ._foo.

Thank you, ok I didn’t understand that it was working in that way. Your’re right that the ._ is a prefix, so adding the single * then makes sense.

Many thanks, that has helped me - my final version so



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