Stuck on syncronization

Hi guys, i’ve been able to sync two folder but when i add the 3rd i’m stuck on sync with that kind of message :

[OIDNM] 10:01:02 INFO: Ready to synchronize "Crossplay" (dzcm6-wazml) (sendreceive)
[OIDNM] 10:01:02 INFO: Established secure connection to GV3EPKI-3YLNFL2-OWGVK45-K7XKXPK-D54W6CA-7RLZFKE-6SZ4UBH-Y2QIXAL at
[OIDNM] 10:01:02 INFO: Device GV3EPKI-3YLNFL2-OWGVK45-K7XKXPK-D54W6CA-7RLZFKE-6SZ4UBH-Y2QIXAL client is "syncthing v1.15.1" named "ns3086605" at
[OIDNM] 10:01:02 INFO: Ignoring folder "PVE 2" (yteac-erbng) from device GV3EPKI-3YLNFL2-OWGVK45-K7XKXPK-D54W6CA-7RLZFKE-6SZ4UBH-Y2QIXAL since we are configured to
[OIDNM] 10:01:02 INFO: Completed initial scan of sendreceive folder "Crossplay" (dzcm6-wazml)
[OIDNM] 10:01:02 INFO: quic:// detected NAT type: Not behind a NAT
[OIDNM] 10:01:02 INFO: quic:// resolved external address quic:// (via
[OIDNM] 10:01:12 INFO: Established secure connection to 2B7G2IZ-IKLRL6B-XPLMQS7-BXFOE65-7FFY4SD-NHQ6ZSY-W7NNCDX-6L2JZQ4 at
[OIDNM] 10:01:12 INFO: Device 2B7G2IZ-IKLRL6B-XPLMQS7-BXFOE65-7FFY4SD-NHQ6ZSY-W7NNCDX-6L2JZQ4 client is "syncthing v1.15.1" named "ns3029938" at
[OIDNM] 10:01:12 INFO: Ignoring folder "PVE 1" (yteac-erbng) from device 2B7G2IZ-IKLRL6B-XPLMQS7-BXFOE65-7FFY4SD-NHQ6ZSY-W7NNCDX-6L2JZQ4 since we are configured to
[OIDNM] 10:01:12 INFO: Detected 0 NAT services
[OIDNM] 10:01:28 INFO: Joined relay relay://

Screenshot : Screenshot by Lightshot

You should check/post screenshot of the UI on the other side.

To me it almost seems like the folder is not accepted/shared on the other side.

Here is the screenshot of the UI on the other machine : Screenshot by Lightshot

You ignored the folder invitation at some point:

You can go to actions > settings > ignored folders (not sure about the exact name of the last, something similar) and remove it from there, then the invitation will appear again.

Seems to be back to normal after restarting the tool :slight_smile: Thanks for your time :slight_smile:

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