strelaysrv using more than 4 GB of RAM

I’ve experienced a problem with strelaysrv using basically half of the available 8 GB of RAM, leading the the OS running out of memory and becoming barely responsive. Is there any way that I can debug this and try to find the culprit? There’re various ways to debug Syncthing proper (see, but what about strelaysrv? Can STPROFILER be used with it too?

For the record, this is a self-compiled strelaysrv.exe (amd64) binary running under Windows 10 x64.

See strelaysrv -help:

    	Enable the built in profiling on the status server

The status server listens on :22070 so you’d be able to go tool pprof http://localhost:22070/debug/pprof/heap for example.

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