strelaysrv CPU usage disucssion

Run stealysrv on a webserver because like Syncthing. Noticed that when relaying around 10 Mbps the server CPU was maxed out when added to other services running (high CPU usage causes website to load a few miliseconds slower .)

Would it be correct to correlate the strelaysrv CPU usage with strelaysrv bandwidth usage? If so can just cap the relay at 1 Mbps or something. Not all programs necessarily increase CPU usage with increased bandwidth usage in my experience…

Thanks and keep up good work.

Yes, most time will be spent copying bytes around. Cpu usage is dependant on the cpu, but if its a weak powered device then high cpu usage is expected.

If it is a public relay the pings from devices to find the best relay also seem to cause some load, at least I guess that is the load I observed while no transfers were active.

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