Strange "Ignoring folder ..." message in the log

I am seeing a few files ‘out of sync’ and looking in the syncthing log I see the message:-

[BKI6D] 2018/07/12 12:37:19 INFO: Ignoring folder “diagrams” (sfa7l-a6gui) from device XXX-XXX-XXX-XXX-XXX since we are configured to

Yes, it just stops at “… configured to”. How can I tell what it should say and thus work out why my files aren’t synced?

That log line is not directly related to out-of-sync items. This means that you pressed the ignore button on the folder share banner in the UI for that folder, therefore the repeat “invitation” by that device is being ignored. AFAIK there is not yet a way to undo that in the UI. You can edit your config.xml though, to stop ignoring that folder.

On the list of out of sync (or failed) items in the expanded folder there should be a reason, why they aren’t in sync.

OK, thanks for the information. For some odd reason those particular out of sync items have now synchronised (they were actually in sync anyway).

However I do still have one out of sync item and there’s no reason against it, all there is:-

Path Size Mod. Time Mod. Device
.stfiles 438 B 2018-04-20 14:05:08 isbd

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