Strange connections?

I get lots of connections like this one: "INFO: Connection from EZK333H at 192.168.1.XXX:22020 (kcp-server) rejected: device is ignored" What is this? Hacking attempts or something else?

It’s coming from your local network based on the IP, and has been refused before, hence ignored.

It’s best of you figure out what that device is doing, but it seems like you added device A on device B but not vica versa.

I get a lot of this since 0.14.44

Hm, I read it like the info came from my local IP and not the actual connection attempt =)

With some devices on the LAN which aren’t absolutely interconnected, those “mistaken” connection attempts are prevalent. I’m seeing those daily on many devices. (connection attempt arrives to a wrong device on the LAN) Someone submitted it as a bug, but it was sort-of dismissed (

But seems that the decision was made to step away from KCP (, and probably this issue will go away with it.

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