Store Port Syncthing App in MS Store


Did anyone notice this Syncthing App on Microsoft Store? Who is the maintainer of this, I’d like to know if it might be thrustworthy or not. Link:

Kind regards Catfriend1

The data protection link goes to:

There the syncthing.exe seems to be identical to the official rc4 windows-amd64 release from github (sig file matches).

This seems to be just a Windows Store wrapper for the official syncthing core. Though SyncTrayzor would be much more suited for the Windows Store


Ping @jebeld17 and @canton7

Last time I looked at it, it was a no-go: they wanted to do a lot of automated analysis which got hung up on the embedded browser. It’ll be a fair amount of effort for something which is more or less dead.

Thanks for your quick answers :-). If anyone’s interested: I’m currently working on building my own MSI including the plain official syncthing.exe using WiX toolkit to get firewall rules and a windows service created/cleaned upon Install/removal. I could share my draft, but as I’m wrapping it into the windows system Account maybe it wouldn’t fit the culture of an official MSI release… Whoever deploys this via GPO is in the need to setup a GUI password immediately.

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