Stopping Folder: Permission Denied

My cluster keeps showing this;

I have set the folder permissions to 777 and is syncing the test text files I am throwing at it. Why is it still returning this error?


Can you try running mkdir /mnt/usbstick/media as the same user that Syncthing’s running as.

If you get permission denied, it’s definitely not a Syncthing error.

I’m working on a raspberry pi so I’m pretty sure everything is running as pi but how can I check?

Also, syncthing successfully made the /media directory within the /mnt/usbstick directory, on its own

ps aux | grep syncthing would be one way.

Yep, all running as pi

I have also just made some other directories within the /media directory while logged in as pi - no “permission denied”

If it is any help, the /mnt/usbstick directory is a USB stick

Do you start Syncthing with systemd? What OS you running on your PI Can you maybe give a “ls -al” on the directory that is giving problems?

Did you try mkdir /mnt/usbstick/media exactly?


pi@bus:~ $ mkdir /mnt/usbstick/media mkdir: cannot create directory ‘/mnt/usbstick/media’: File exists

Can you please paste the logs when this happens.

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