Stopping a syncing folder, because the other side is out of space?


just some thoughts about the behaviour of syncthing, when running out of harddiskspace.

Today Device A hat stopped syncing a send&receive folder, because it runs out of space (<1GB configured).

Device B, which has lots of free space, now has some TMP files, which are not finish syncing, because Device A has stopped syncing to it.

I understand, that syncthing is stopping a folder on Device A and why.

However, this behaviour is somewhat nonsatisfying for Device B, because it has plenty of free space and the sync was not finished.

I guess (did not test), this also happens with send only folders, because the check syncthing does, is just a simple “out of space” check, and does not try to be smart and sync while its possible to sync.

Any thoughts on this and would it be possible to “smarten up” the behaviour of syncthing, to have devices finish or continue syncing, IF the receiving Devices are not out of harddrive space?

I don’t see a reason, why syncthing should not finish a sync, or even continue to work on a send-only folder. So please help me getting the big view :slight_smile:

On a send&receive/receive only folder the stopping makes sense and therefore I have configured it accordingly.

Your story does not add up. Syncthing will only stop downloading stuff if it’s locally out of space. This should have no effect on remote device. Also, not having space does not mean it does not share existing files with others.


so you’re saying, that the sync should complete, even though the sending device has stopped the folder in the middle of the sync?

The folder only stops if the storage device that holds the database is past the threshold (not the device that holds the database). Stopping the folder and pulling the plug for others is the right thing todo in that scenario, as it prevents others from downloading files and sending index updates which you cannot accept (as your disk is full), leading to corruption. Device B finishing a download is not for free in terms of A, as A has to record the fact B now has the file, it’s version and so on, which requires disk space.

That makes totally sense to me (now).

It still is nonsatisfying because of the incomplete files on the other side of the stopped folder, but sense over corrupted files.

Thank you.

Those incomplete files would get cleaned up in 24 hours by default and things would recover.

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