stopped syncing Windows/Linux

Windows 10, SyncTrazor v1.22.0 Linux Mint SyncThing v1.22.0 (also syncing to an Android device and iPad)

Basically, I started saving a bunch of PDFs locally to a bi-directional synced folder. I noticed that the Linux server is not getting those new files, and therefore the Android device and iPad are not getting those files.

Looking at the web GUI on the Linux server, it does indicate there are files which are not synced, and they correspond to the ones which I just created on the Windows computer. I tried hitting Rescan but nothing happens.

How do I even begin to diagnose this problem? I don’t see anyway to make it sync in the GUI except for Rescan, which does nothing. There are unsynced items but no reason is given for them not syncing.

On the Windows computer, the left column with the folder of interest shows “up to date”, but on the right column, the Linux server shows “syncing 99%” but it never finishes. In fact, looks like it hasn’t for a year now. On the right column, which I click on “out of sync items”, indeed it shows a bunch of unsynced items but there are no error messages or options to fix the problem.

Can you post full screenshots of the Syncthing Web GUI from all devices? On Android, you can access it through the left slide-out menu.

Also, is there anything peculiar about those new PDF files? Can you provide a sample filename?

Crisis averted… so after randomly clicking around and navigating to places with no particular logic, I stumbled upon something that said that it cannot sync with the file system having < 0.4% free space (even though if measured by MB, there would be plenty of space). I can’t remember how to get into where I saw that… but I freed up lots of disk space and now it’s syncing again! I wish it would send messages to the connected computers as to why syncing stopped.

It won’

It won’t as not always the computers are yours.

Monitoring your machines is something that you should do externally, and should not be syncthing dependant.

The free space limits (there are multiple) are either megabytes or percent, you can choose to set whatever is more appropriate for you.

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