Stop folder when loading ignores fails

I added an include line to my ignore patterns, which was erroneous. This meant that all my ignored data (a lot) started to be hashed, because the ignores object was then empty. I propose to make it the standard behaviour to stop a folder when ignore loading fails, or potential have that configurable. What do you think?

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This is generally a good idea! From my side: The android wrapper will need to be adjusted that “not only .stfolder” is pre-created on an “Android readonly mounted storage” (as seen by the native binary) but also the “.stignore” file has to be pre-created by the wrapper.

I thought we already did that. So, yeah, I guess.

Current official syncthing android refers to a third-party text editor that has to be installed on the user’s phone so if that is capable to read/write rooted paths everything is fine. Android 8+ enforces restrictions to Uris containing rooted paths, so users got stuck using an Android app to edit .stignore and used the Web UI. This only works for special storage paths where the syncthing native is granted write access by Android 5+. I’m currently testing some replacement code allowing to edit .stignore directly from the java wrapper but it still lacks grabbing correct rw-file descriptors on Android 8+. When it’s ready, I’ll consider to contribute the solution back as some users already complained on the issue tracker ignores aren’t handled well on Android.

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