stignore rules changed in 0.14?

The Situation

The folder with the ID “Shared” is nested in the folder “Fre” but in the .stignore list of the folder with the ID “Fre” I entered the name of the folder (not the ID) of the nested folder (ID: Shared).

To be exact I use a global ignore list and I have this in the .stignore file:

#include .stglobalignore

I hope this has become clear.

The Problem

The Problem can be seen in the screenshot. Obviously the folder is not ignored. This worked fine for more than a year until the update to 0.14 The Screenshot shows the conflict solver of SyncTrayzor. The 3 files shown should not be seen by the folder “Fre”

Your screenshot is more or less a blob of black color. It’s totally not obvious what the problem is.

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