.stfolder keeps disappearing

I have read a lot of posts regarding the .stfolder and how I can create a new .stfolder if the directory looks fine. I have directories where the .stfolder vanishes every day. I would like to know why it gets deleted over and over and what is causing this to happen. The folder I am syncing to is an S3 folder hosted by wasabisys.com. I use rclone.exe to map a drive when the system starts up.

Today I had three folders lose the .stfolder directory and on one of the folders I had not even accessed the original folder since yesterday.

I don’t think we can really answer that, as Syncthing is the least likely culprit. It’s generally something that thinks empty folders are unnecessary and should be cleaned away. You might be able to work around it by putting a file, any file, in the directory. It won’t be synced by Syncthing but it may prevent the removal.

Thanks, I’ll try that.

S3 doesn’t have a concept of folders, it’s just bytes stored under a name which happens to have slashes in them.

Usually “folders” out of things hosted in S3 only appear because someone decided to store some bytes under some key that had slashes.

Namely something stored under /foo/bar, for things that pretend to be a filesystem will create a “folder” foo.

If there is no .stfolder/something, I suspect .stfolder just does not exist, as there is no representation of folders in S3, and there is nothing under that key prefix that contains any bytes.

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