stcli - UNIX domain sockets

Hi all,

Now that we got Syncthing 1.0.1 into OpenBSD -current, we’re looking at a few other things.

We’ve made local modifications so that stcli is included in the package. I have personally been compiling and using stcli for a very long time. I see now that syncthing has UNIX domain support for the GUI.

Is there a particular reason stcli is not in the default build - or a particular reason UNIX domain support was not implemented in it?


stcli is unmaintained and probably doesn’t work with recent syncthing in various aspects.

Thank you for responding. Is there a list of known broken things?

Other than lack of UNIX domain support I haven’t noticed a single issue.

I know for sure setting addresses doesn’t work etc. I haven’t tried the rest, as I said, it’s unmaintained.

There is a PR supposedly bringing it back to life, which I think also adds support for interacting via unix sockets, but it’s still limited to mostly just modifying the config, which you can sort of already do via curl + json manipulation over a unix socket.