Status shows 100%, not the same content

Earlier, I had trouble with syncing. The status was stuck at 50% on one system, and I realized that I have the wrong .stignore configured. I made sure that both systems have the same ignore patterns and now both systems shows “up to date”.

However, the content of the file is not the same. How to troubleshoot this?

I am trying to sync the notepad+\plugins\Config\Hunspell\UserDic.dic file on Windows. To be clear, notepad+ updates this file only after I close the browser everytime. So, the timestamp of this file gets modified and the new entries in the dictionary file will be saved to the file only after I close notepad+.

Edit: I kept realtime sync and the file is getting synced properly after every close. The problem is if Notepad+ is open on both systems, the last close of Notepad+ will be the latest content.

The file is probably locked while it’s open in notepad+.

But when the notepad+ is closed on both computers, the file is not syncing. It’s working on in realtime sync, but not in normal sync. Anyway, I could live with realtime sync for that folder. So, no issues. But I am curious, why it didn’t work. Obviously, I guess I may not get much help on this particular issue as I didn’t/couldn’t explain the issue properly.

What do you mean realtime vs normal?

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I meant Realtime = Check “Monitor filesystem for changes”. I have Rescan interval set to 60 seconds.

Did you actually wait 60 seconds after closing the file?

yes. what happens is that, on first system, i close notepad++ which updates the userdic.dic file. I see the timestamp, wait for more than a minute and check the other system. The timestamp on the second system is of an earlier date (the timestamp on which the notepad+ was closed on this second system). The status of the folder on both the systems is “up to date”. The timestamps of the files are clearly different. The size of the file is 2kb on both the files, but the number of lines in the file differ.

The file is either ignored, or the rescan didn’t run yet. You have a manual rescan button.

The file is not ignored. This is what I have in stignore.


Rescan didn’t help.

Anyway, its not a big deal. It’s not urgent. Also, Do you use notepad++?

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