starting synthing with not-yet existant payload folder structure possible?


i am having a situation where a windows machine, its logged-in useraccount, does not always directly has access to a folder (network drive on the LAN accessible on that machine, but with manual credentials for that network share).

can i still fire up the syncthing.exe process (or also via syncthing tray etc) and initially configure a directory and everything just fine (with this network share enabled/connected/established) and the following times from there on, only when the proper user using that machine unlocking (entering their credentials for that samba share to make it connect/establish the drive letter (not red x any more as symbol).

would syncthing then recognize that the share folder has (magically) appeared and would be accessible by then and then be able to work with that folder?

( the second remote (windows as well) machine that would be in sync with this first machine would not have this situation and there it would be a simple really local folder on disk always available and accessible to the running syncthing.exe process over there )

thanks for basic info on this matter.

reply to self:

when the folder vanishes or is not yet available (same as with e.g. usb drive etc.) then the preconfigured syncthing shows that object as stopped in red text and with hint folder not present or available or not found or something.

i have not yet found out (or it doesnt look like it?) that it auto-resumes or auto unpauses this object when the drive, folder, object re-appears and would be available again. I needed to manually unpause this red stopped object on the syncthing localhost configuration webpage.

anyhow, i will maybe just run the syncthing (or via sync tray zor or such) when the drive is present and available, that will spare the user from trouble.

thanks anyways.

It’ll restart the folder when it does the next periodic scan.

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