Standard .stignore per node

It would be nice if there was a central .stignore one could predefine for the whole node, so it can be easily (pre-)loaded into the settings for every shared directory.

I think this (or something similar at least) was already proposed a few times by others and could be part of a possible new ignore system that may be created some day (see Next Gen Ignores: Requirements)

It is already almost possible. By using include you can unclude a file inside .stignore and sync that file. just type a simple .stignore as “include myignorelist.txt” and create myignorelist.txt in the first system. At least that is how I remember it working. No sure when is .stignore checked/applied and when are the changes to myignorelist.txt picked up.

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Ok, this seems like a suitable workaround, I’ll try it.