Specifying "home" directory for syncthing shares?

I have syncthing launching from supervisor with one slight issue remaining. On first run it creates a “Default” folder and tries to put it at “/root/Sync”. As it is not running as root, it of course can not write here and throws errors until I delete that default share.

Also, when I go to add a new folder share, there is wording like this below the Folder Path dialog: “Path to the folder on the local computer. Will be created if it does not exist. The tilde character (~) can be used as a shortcut for /root.”

So my question is, how can I specify the default sync location so that it doesn’t keep trying to use root? Is it possible an environment variable somewhere?

This is in a Docker container so I want the defaults to be set up with as little confusion as possible.

EDIT: Nevermind, it WAS an environment variable. I added a HOME env variable declaration to the docker and all is good now.

Yes. The home dir comes from $HOME, as you found out. It would be weird if that was set to /root when not running as root though.