Specify number of active syncthing process

To specify number of active syncthing process which of the 2 options are a better match : maxFolderConcurrency vs maxConcurrentWrites

maxFolderConcurrency → default as 0 https://docs.syncthing.net/users/config#config-option-options.maxfolderconcurrency This option controls how many folders may concurrently be in I/O-intensive operations such as syncing or scanning. The mechanism is described in detail in a separate chapter.

maxConcurrentWrites → default as 2 https://docs.syncthing.net/users/config#config-option-folder.maxconcurrentwrites Maximum number of concurrent write operations while syncing. Increasing this might increase or decrease disk performance, depending on the underlying storage. Default is 2.

Those are two entirely different things, none of which control the number of processes (which is always one plus the monitor process). What are you trying to accomplish?

I am planning on sharing a file per folder. So if I have 4 folders then I want only 2 folders to be shared at a time. That is for 4 folders, I want first 2 folders based ie oldest to finish sync first before going to the next folder. Which config supports this.

None, I believe.

Syncthing endeavors to keep all folders up to date all the time. If you want to sequence the updating of folders you need to manage it yourself by pausing folders you don’t want to sync or managing the data going into the folders.

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