specify direction of sync for subfolders

(Lubos Kolouch) #1

One of nice features unison has is that you can specify sync “direction” for subfolders.

Say you have directory “.config” which is normal two-way sync. Under this you have folder “aaa” which you want to be receive-only.

Would be nice to be able to specify it (ideally in a config AND in a GUI) for each subdirectory/file.

(Jakob Borg) #2

You do this at the folder level in Syncthing. (Our “folder” concept, not per directory on disk.)

(Lubos Kolouch) #3

How to avoid having 10s or even 100s of folders in syncthing?

(Audrius Butkevicius) #4

You don’t, same way you don’t in unison.

(Lubos Kolouch) #5

I don’t get it.

In unison I’d create just the .config folder and specify the directions for the subfolders in config file.

In syncthing I have to create at least 2 folders (.config and aaa), each of them with different type. Plus exclude the aaa from .config

Is that right?

(Audrius Butkevicius) #6

Yes, same way you have to specify each folder direction in unison, same way you have to add a folder in syncthing. Sure, there are more steps to do that in syncthing, but the fundamental idea that you have to do it per folder is the same.

You could say syncthings config.xml sort of decides this, which could also be done by modifying a single file and not using the UI.

Anyways, I think you should stop comparing syncthing to unison as it’s a tool with fundamentally different implementations, so it’s unfair to want for one to work like the other.

(Lubos Kolouch) #7

OK, thank you, I will just add the folders and setup the sync “direction”.

My comments are not about “fairness”, rather I’m trying to suggest potentially useful features…