Sorry - RAM Usage Again


Sorry - I’ve got another relatively-new Syncthing installation running, and I’ve got heavy RAM usage again during the initial sync process:

I’ve already turned off Cache Ignored Files and set the Scan Progress Interval to -1 for the heaviest folders - but I’m still seeing RAM usage of nearly 30GB, which I suspect is crippling progress!

I’ve captured two heap profiles:

syncthing-heap-linux-amd64-v1.1.1-171521.pprof (460.5 KB)

syncthing-heap-linux-amd64-v1.1.1-171644.pprof (459.9 KB)

Am I just running with too big a delta between the Global State and Local State (touching on my Excessive RAM Usage threads), or is there something straightforward you can suggest I do to limit the RAM usage here?


Currently no. There is an ongoing (but stalled) PR to spill the sync queue to disk, but currently it’s all in RAM so a huge changeset is going to take a lot of RAM.

Having the GUI up won’t help either I expect.

I have redone that PR:


Thanks Simon!

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