Some MacOSX doest upgrade beyond 0.12.23 (64bit) no matter what

Some MacOSX doest upgrade beyond 0.12.23 (64bit) no matter what

Some months ago I started with a simple setup on a few MACs and a Windows machine creating a mesh.

Today I see that one MACOSX (64bit) will not go past 0.12.23. I have fiddled with autoupdate in the settings back and forth, and it came some few updates on the 0.12.x branch in the past months just normally.

Did the update mechanism for this 0.12.x branch go haywire ever since 0.13 came out? I dont know why this damn machine will not advance.

What the heck? :frowning: Thanks for helping.

0.12.23 has a broken auto upgrade system, sorry. Up until I released 0.13.4 today it would have been able to update to the latest 0.13, now I’m not sure because I haven’t tested it. (The problem is that it can’t handle when there are more than a handful of releases available.)

Manually upgrade to 0.12.25, or 0.13.

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Manually fetched the 0.12.25 tar for the Mac and unpacked and overwrote the files. It starts up. The settings page now doesnt read anything any more about auto/update feature any more. Only in the advanced view area I see some update interval of 12hours or something. Is this a bug or is autoupdate not at the users choice any more? Just want to understand if things vanish at my place because of bugs or new code? Thanks.

Could be that it can’t reach the upgrade server for some reason? My 0.12.25 does prompt me to upgrade to 0.13.4 (although with a slightly unfortunate Upgrade to {{version}} button until a language is manually selected, due to another issue…).

I mean in general. I want to stay on the 0.12.x branch until 0.13.x stabilises.

But I am talking about the settings gui area, where my 12.23 still had that checkbox in there on the right side if I wanted to (participate) in autoupdates. That one was checked. I checked it back and forth and then started this thread why it wouldnt go beyond .23

Then you replied. Then I manually fetched 12.25 and extracted it and replaced it. Fired 12.25 up and revisited the settings area and there is no autoupdate checkbox any more in there with this 0.12.25 now

That is what I am asking.

by the way I still have one as-well stuck windows machine at 0.12.24, which also still has this autoupdate checkbox on the settings page. Will see if it vanishes on the manual advance to 0.12.25 for the windows machine as well. (windows here x64)

If upgrades seem impossible, because it can’t reach the server, then it will not provide the option in the settings dialog. This may be a bit counterintuitive, but it’s how it’s been for a long time. v0.12.25 is probably still talking to Github (we’ve changed to a server of our own in the meantime), which will limit you to 60 requests per hour. It’ll make a request when you load the GUI.

So you probably just need to chill, and it’ll return.

That said, it’s not probably not going to auto upgrade to a new v0.12 release when there is a v0.13 available. This was improved in v0.13, but not in v0.12 unfortunately.

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Weird, this win64 machine still has the checkbox “automatic upgrades” on the settings page even when I move it manually to 0.12.25

The mac machine doest show that checkbox with 0.12.25 any more. it did have that checkbox with 0.12.23 as I said in here.


Okay maybe I understand this now a bit better. Maybe call small advances updates (staying in the same branch, especially as you said with 0.13.0 that the db and core stuff is incompatible and once you go 0.13 with a mesh you need to push all participating nodes forward as well so they can talk to each other again).

And maybe call larger advances which introduce incompatibiltiy in core stuff upgrades?

Would make sense to me. Thanks.

From v0.13 and forward, it’ll prefer upgrading to a new minor version when available. This is, it’ll continue to auto upgrade within it’s own family line while providing you the option to upgrade to the next level.

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Last question: When can average simple user expect or suppose to upgrade to 0.13 branch? Is it stable enough already for daily use? Still stick to 0.12 for stability? Thank you.

0.13 was released to the public when it was considered stable.

The fact that a number of small bugs popped up on the first day is a minor detail…

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Indeed. We wouldn’t have released it if we didn’t want you to run it. Upgrade. :slight_smile:

Too bad, I had it in my guts. I first upgraded my winx64 client from 0.12.x to 0.13.x via the red button. Shut down recycled came back up showed its two local folders. So far so good.

Then I went to the three participating macosx 64bit ones still with 0.12.x as well. Clicked their red buttons as well.

They came back up and briefly showed something or I dont even remember properly but the windows station showed on its page that all three fellow macosx participants briefly connected and it even showed the remote macosx ones as 0.13.4 version and synced at 100%

But then the trouble started, the macosx pages showed that they are (two of them one macosx is fine!? weird! :frowning: ) unknown machine id or unknown state and the page is filled with the basic dialogbox that one which is on the left where it shows about its own state. It shows little traffic and no fellow nodes connected at all and also no syncs or directories which would be on the left hand side.

The odd stuff is, the one mac which I remotely logged into showed on the command line when I start syncthing (0.13.4) up, that it does have an ID and connects to that winx64 machine and even shows those virtual folder names or tags and some stuff that it scans directories but eventually there is no progress and it sleeps for one minute.

Thats all I can say. Two macs died with this syncthing or in limbo state or pending or whatever, one mac made it to 0.13 properly and stayed there.

The windows box shows one mac fine at 0.13.4, the second mac it already knows with its name and shows it at 0.13.4 as well but no sometimes connect or up and down flickering or something weird and the third mac is disconnected completely but already has its version number.

What now? I knew it that this is gonna fail. I am always very good at gut feeling in the bad things :(((((

Where are the IDS actually stored and the local information on the mac? some config file i suppose? But not in the path of the binary files where the syncthing executable and readme is, right? maybe I can still find some config file on the damn macs and reactivate them or edit something that is stalling or disabling these macs?

Maybe worth noting: Is it also possible that syncthing instances of 0.12.x that have trouble with their syncs, meaning no complete syncs, are not able to upgrade to 0.13.x? But then again that windows machine and the one macosx updated fine.

These sync troubles: I am amazed that syncthing can get itself into unsolvable states, the sync said there were five directories that werent empty and couldnt be deleted. I am wondering as the mac and windows users of these machines are mere users, how can the syncthing navitate itself into these situations that cannot be cleared up actually? If someone delted some folder (via finder or whatever) then syncthing ought to sync this to the other participating nodes, shouldnt it? I dont understand how mere normal simple users can mess up these kind of applications this thoroughly :frowning:

So how do the participants actually clean up these un-syncable situations again? On the command line output of syncthing I was able to see some real path names and sync problem hints but didnt have time yet to sort it or look at it, but when a normal user can fuck up its path and file names and structure beyond that syncthing can deal with it, this tool is problably too cumbersome for the administrator to constantly deal with these exceptional situations isnt it? :frowning:


Sorry, but if you want to ask a question, ask a question, and don’t write a 1000 word essay which makes it near impossible to understand what you are asking for, or just ranting or whatever it is that you are after.

Pretty simple: Why is it such a mess to upgrade a perfectly nicely working 0.12.x on random macs and on others apparently it works as well on the windows machine. Two simple folders sync, four participants. Nothing fancy at all. The 0.13.x branch seems far from usable to me. And this is exactly what I had the gut feeling about in the thread when I asked if it was usuable already etc.

Will need to look at the macs config files whats stored inside as two of them apparently dont know their own identities any more. Nice.

As all the four participants still have their local physical folders on their disks, can I eventually delte some config files and start with newly created identities for those two damn macs and re-add them to the other two working machines again? How do I create new IDs for the machine? Completely delete config files? Or only some parts inside the config? Is there an gui way to start a new ID from scratch?


As you upgrade from 0.12 to 0.13, there is a database schema conversion, which while the conversion is happening, can make the GUI unresponsive making it look like it lost the ID as you are saying. It shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes unless you are running on very slow PC with potentially slow storage.

After the conversion is done you might need to refresh the UI.

We have over 60% of user on 0.13 and everyone seems happy.

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The screams of fury have indeed been quite few since the initial few hurdles were cleared. :wink:

There were some caching issues in the upgrade that affects the GUI. You could try clearing your browser cache.

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Well two of the three macs are identical. The one is even older. That old one finished like within seconds. A single restart timespan and it came up with 0.13.x and presented its two sync folders and conenction to that windows node. The windows node came up as well. The two other macs took longer, and I had to drive over to that place for the one mac wouldnt have settled onto 0.13.x even after 30+ mins. I never actually did more than to restart over and over a few times (after those 30+ mins), eventually the page displayed normal stuff again.

Database conversion all right I read about that before, thats why I first tested with the windows then one mac, then the rest and two of the rest really did weird stuff.

Please, the next time there is a scenario like this, do the database/conversion/migration transparent and nonscary towards the user.

The total num of files was low few thousand, 3gigabyte total sync. Still wondering what left those two macs in the dust compared to the third mac and to the windows. All machines are idle and kind of current hardware and os. So huge discrepancies in behavior of the same software and same starting point.

Thanks and greets.

Hi there…I have a Mac OSX 64 bit; had the 0.12.23 and hadn’t upgraded until today. Mine took a long time and I either got impatient or waited and it timed out a couple of times. I looked up this thread (thanks) and ended up dumping my browsing history. Then upgraded successfully to copper cockroach within seconds. Here’s to more smooth operation. Thanks for the great software calmh, Mr. Butkevicius and all the contributors

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