Some files show up as hidden in file explorer

I am running SMB to share the photos. It shows I have 254 files. When I do show hidden (as files/latest files are missing), I get 559 files. What would cause these files to be hidden? They do not have the “.” in front of the file names.

What OS are we talking about? If this is Windows, then it uses a special flag to hide files (i.e. it doesn’t matter whether they start with a . or not).

Syncthing creates temporary files while downloading, which on Windows are named ~syncthing~<file>.tmp. These files are hidden by default until the download is complete. I’d suspect something is acting up on the system, and the files are either stuck in the downloading state, or Syncthing is unable to rename them back to normal afterwards (e.g. due to permission issues or similar).

Could you post screenshots showing the Syncthing’s Web GUI with the folders in question? Screenshots from both sides will be welcome.

Also, just in case, if you run dir /a /b /s from the command line, you will be able to see all existing files, including hidden.

Sorry, this is on Linux/Ubuntu.

The above still applies. The temporary files in Linux systems are named .syncthing.original-filename.ext.tmp.

So for example, here is a file that is hidden in Linux/KDE-Dolphin File Browser: IMG_20210424_102635.jpg Server-side: -rwxrw-rw- 1 syncthing syncthing 1.4M May 6 2021 IMG_20210506_201918.jpg

Here’s a sample of what it looks like in Win10. I right-clicked inside the folder, and “Hidden” is NOT checked.



Not sure what I am looking at.

I don’t think (can’t remember) we sync hidden attributes, as they are not cross platform, so I don’t have an answer.

To be honest, I have no idea what you’d even need to do to “hide” files in KDE other than prefixing them with a dot.

Suggest you ask on KDE forums, as this doesn’t think this is related to syncthing in any way.

For me, it seems that this part of the code isn’t applied,

hence the files stay hidden on Windows. However, at the same time, if I understand correctly, Syncthing itself is run only under Linux and the files themselves are synced using the Linux binary, but their actual location is on an SMB share placed on a Windows machine. Is this right?

@droidus If possible, please explain in details how exactly your Syncthing has been installed and set up, including screenshots showing the Web GUI on all affected devices.

Why would that code path not be applied?

That’s what closes the file.

That’s the question. I’ve got no idea though.

However, when I was experimenting with the code myself some time ago, commenting that very line resulted in the exact same situation as the OP’s got here, i.e. files downloaded, renamed from tmp to their actual names, but still stayed hidden.

You can enable “fs” logging facility to see if there are any errors as it tries to unhide them.

Perhaps its in users home directory and windows anti-ransomeware prevents changing file attributes or something.

I also seem to have this issue, but for me ALL files are hidden.

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