Some files "out of sync" on one machine, although the files are missing on both machines

(Natanji) #1

Hey there, Syncthing shows 3 files (git object files) as being out of sync on one of my machines, while on the other the folder shows as “Up to Date” without any out of sync files. However, the files are not present on either machine - the only difference is that on the machine that shows them as “Up to Date”, they are inside the .stversions folder.

So my question is, what happened to those files and how do I get the other machine to show being in Sync again?

(Jakob Borg) #2

The side that is not up to date should show one or more errors in the GUI to explain why it cannot get itself up to date.

(Natanji) #3

I don’t see any specific error message when I click on the out of sync files, just this. Where do I need to look?

(local) #4

Same problem that I have, no errors, just out of sync.

This 79% sync nonsense means I am getting more and more cautious about syncthing doing what it should, when it gets out of sync so easily.

Is there a way from the gui to reset the machine so it resyncs itself again somehow?

v0.14.27, Linux (64 bit)

(Audrius Butkevicius) #5

Well it means there is a problem, it’s usually visible in the UI. Post screeenshots from both sides if you want more analysis (rather than a rant that doesn’t help us help you).

(local) #6

You have the screenshots from the op.

Mine is the same with different filenames.

Hardly a rant, rather a factual statement about the % sync.

(Audrius Butkevicius) #7

In this specific case we need screenshots of the whole UI, not the out of sync modal.

(local) #8

Not with all my device names visible.

Any specific part that should show the error?

(Audrius Butkevicius) #9

You can blank out your device names or whatever you feel is sensitive. Are you sure the files that are out of sync are not matched by the ignore patterns?

(local) #10

Yes, the ignores are dot files and these are files not covered by those ignores.

I’d understood it would state x% complete rather than out of sync for files in an ignore pattern.

Ok, if you must, but I am not daft and can see if errors are shown on the screen.

% completes next to devices don’t show errors, ‘This device’ doesn’t show any errors, so am struggling to see what you need.

Would there be anything in a log?

(Audrius Butkevicius) #11

Well so far you’ve provided very little, so I can tell you as much as having looked at my coffee mug. Yes the logs might show the errors, so might screenshots of whole UI.

(local) #12

Not funny and not helpful.

In the day and age of sensitive data you seem wholly oblivious to it, which as the dev is rather worrying.

I’ll take a look at the logs and see if I can help myself, as you’ll get as much info from your coffee mug as the remaining part of my screen that you haven’t seen.

(Jakob Borg) #13

There is a UX issue here which sucks a bit. Syncthing (re)tries syncing about once a minute, when it is in a situation where the syncing fails. When that happens, you get an extra line in the folder summary saying something like Failed items: 42 where the 42 is a link to a dialog showing the failure cases. That isn’t shown though if the UI wasn’t up when it happened, mostly. So you might need to stare at it for a while, with no indication that the relevant info is missing…

(local) #14

Thanks for the input, much appreciated, but sitting there for 10 mins watching the screen and no whats failed information appears at all.

I know which you mean as I have seen it before, but its not appearing on this occasion.

(Jakob Borg) #15

And it’s not configured to be send only? We can’t know, because you’re not showing us the part of the screen where that’s shown.

(local) #16

Well its the same as above up to the device names. When I changed to send only it appeared there.

If I change to send only, it gives me the option of overriding if that gives any clues at all?

If I remove the ignore patterns it stays out of sync.

(Jakob Borg) #17

The remaining option is that the files that need to be synced are not available on any connected device. We’d have known that if you’d shown us the other devices’ status.

(local) #18

(Jakob Borg) #19

Indeed. You’re not connected to anything, so it has no ability to sync.

(local) #20

Well its not always been like that obviously.

This in my logs;

[R6JX5] 17:08:02 INFO: Connected to myself (redacted) - should not happen [R6JX5] 17:08:03 INFO: Restarted folder “Default Folder” (default) (readwrite) [R6JX5] 17:08:08 INFO: Completed initial scan (rw) of “Default Folder” (default) [R6JX5] 17:09:03 INFO: Connected to myself (redacted) - should not happen [R6JX5] 17:09:03 INFO: Connected to myself (redacted) - should not happen [R6JX5] 17:10:00 INFO: Connected to myself (redacted) - should not happen [R6JX5] 17:10:00 INFO: Connected to myself (redacted) - should not happen [R6JX5] 17:11:34 INFO: Connected to myself (redacted) - should not happen [R6JX5] 17:11:34 INFO: Connected to myself (redacted) - should not happen [R6JX5] 17:13:05 INFO: Connected to myself (redacted) - should not happen

Other devices are online on the same network.