Some files marked as Local Additions after database reset

I’ve experienced this problem where some (but not all) files in Receive Only folders are marked as Local Additions after doing a database reset. Things do come back to normal when I use the Revert Local Additions button, however I’d still like to know why these files are marked as such. The physical files on the disk are exactly the same.

The GUI:

and the REST API comparison between the same file on two devices:

Have you got any idea what triggers this state?


I forgot to mention that this happens when the files are already present in the folder, not when downloading them from scratch.

Any files present when a receive only folder does its initial scan are by definition local additions.

But it only marks some of them like that. And only in some folders. For example, there are 10 folders, and after the initial scan 6 of them are marked as “Up to Date” with no issues, and the other four have Local Additions, yet only some of the files are listed as locally changed.

I also can’t really see any rule in which are marked local additions and which are not. It just seems random.

Just to provide more context, this is the order of actions.

  1. All folders on both devices marked as Up do Date.
  2. All folders on Device 2 set to Receive Only.
  3. Database reset on Device 2.
  4. Let Syncthing finish rescanning the folders from scratch.
  5. Some files in several folders marked as Local Additions, the rest marked as Up to Date.

Dunno, your files, you figure it out. :wink:

Folder pause resume does nothing? I am asking because for that file-info diff (with no difference that I could spot) I’d expect “something” (scan or pull) to resolve it (compare local to global, see it’s equivalent and set local state to global state). No clue why it would affect some but not all files.

It’s too late now, as I’ve already reverted the changes, but I will give it another try sometime in the near future. The thing is that if I try to reproduce this in a clean, test environment, the issue doesn’t happen. Following the exact same steps, the folder always ends up being just Up to Date with no Local Additions. This happens in a setup of 2 or even 3 devices. I’ve only encountered the problem on multiple devices in my actual setup (so it’s difficult to experiment as it takes many hours to rescan everything after the database reset).

Yeah was anyway mostly curiosity/one small thing to narrow down - these “not controlled reproducible” things are a pain resp. lots of work for a very small chance of gain.

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