[solved, units confusion] Are ~100 Kb/s the maximum transferring rates?


I’m currently trying Syncthing on 3 PC - all ubuntu based.

They are “behind” ISP routers where Upnp are activated.

WebGUI works on all pc.

I wonder about the firewall(s) : are the defaults ubuntu firewall settings OK for Syncthing or should I change something ?

I should have tested with “smaller” folders but actually a 7 GB share took about 12 hours to “first” synchronize between 2 pc. Is this the intended pace ?

Depends on the CPU, etc, because of crypto. Though people achieve 20-60Mb/s for single large files.

Well… Intel i7 / AMD 4 cores / Intel Duo. On that last - the weakest - CPU usage did not go beyond 55%

I probably forget to set something somewhere.

By default no active firewall on Ubuntu, so…

I did not mention it’s on ADSL which globally reach between 15 and 20 Mbps in download and between 600 and 1100 Kbps in upload.

What may I test to improve speed ?

I suggest you generate a single large file, and see what sort of performance you can achieve with that. At the same time, you might want to monitor CPU/Memory/IO usage to see where the bottleneck is.

Also, if you are using some UI wrapper around syncthing, they sometimes start syncthing with a lower process priority which might effect the performance.

Is it upload or download? How did you measure? Note that the GUI reports in bytes per second, which is roughly a tenth of bits per second with ADSL framing overhead etc… The default settings should for sure saturate an ADSL connection in any direction, with anything faster than phone hardware… It sure does for me.

About ADSL, these are the datas to be found in ISP routers’ admin.

About transferring those are the rates given by syncthing-gtk - which are quite the same as the webGUI :

download : about 100 k B ps upload : about 50-90 B ps

(note for myself : check english & french translations for bits, bytes, octets and usual symbols for those units, my misunderstanding may come from that)

The web GUI reports in B/s (capital “B”, bytes per second). So if you see “100 kB/s” there, that is roughly 1 Mb/s (lowercase “b”, bits per second). Perhaps there is confusion there? Otherwise I’m not sure what is limiting your rate…

OK my bad ! You’re totally right there WAS confusion :smiley:

So “b” is for “bits” - same word in french and also “b” and “B” is for “bytes” - which in french is “octet” (a group of 8 bits) often condensed as “o”

…hence my confusion, sorry !

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I wish there was a config toggle for that. I’d like to set MB/s as the metric.