[SOLVED] Disconnected devices, with some log about encrypted data

Hello all !

I’m a bit lost here. I have set several shared folders between my QNAP and other devices (laptop, mobile). It works well with the mobile, but not with the laptop.

I had an initial problem with data being encrypted when received on the laptop. I have recreated the share again, I checked that type was “send/receive”. But I can’t connect to the QNAP any more, it stays disconnected.

In the logs, I see many “remote expects to exchange plain data, but local data is encrypted (folder-type receive-encrypted)”

I have no share with this setting. All are “send receive”, on both sides :frowning: I have a difference of versions between my two Syncthing though, QNAP is v1.18.6, laptop is v1.18.5, could that explain the pb ?

Got it, there was a password on the laptop for one of the share ! Pb solved

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