[Solved] Android's different version

Hello ! Syncthing is very good, I have two computer linked together and that’s work fine! But actually I can’t access with my android. I have a key : MVAXHOB-JBITZCL-FJBFXHR-FP4WCC2-HRMSWUX-YR2WFTF-65A3IEA-FLKYNAF who doesn’t work ! It says “not used” (or in french “pas utilisé”). It’s impossible to link my devices. I tried more than third time with different key (by reinstalling the app). Is it a known issue ?

Can you post a screenshot

And here is my android config :

It means you haven’t shared the folder with the MVAXHO device. Do that by checking it under either the folder or device editors.

It looks like you are using regular release of Syncthing for Android (correct me on this if not true), which uses syncthing 0.11, which cannot connect to syncthing 0.12.1 you are using on PC (you just removed that screenshot while I’m typing this). Try beta of Syncthing for Android.

Sorry for losing time! I started again the config and had another problem that’s fine now. But the main problem is still here. Both machine can’t connect with each others :frowning: .

Please, check which version of syncthing is used in android version. Do this by going to Settings (Parametres in your case) and scrolling at the bottom. Also, since you removed screenshot from pc, which version are you using there?

oh yeah you are both right I use v0.11 on android and v0.12 on pc ! I just tried the beta it seems working fine. THANKS A LOT FOR YOUR HELP.

You’re welcome. Please note that there are some minor issues with beta right now, for example bad status info in device list when you have more than one other device configured.

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I guess it’s why it’s a beta :slight_smile: Thanks for the big work you are doing. That’s amazing.