Slow sync speed till i manually pause/resume

Hi, i’m using Syncthing and got some weird behaviour. When i upload a file on the remote server, then the syncing begins, but very slow at about 15 M/s. But when i pause that device and resume it afterwards, the speed wents to full speed at 100 M/s.

Is there some way to achieve full speed right from the beginning?

My Setup:

Remote: Shared VServer with 10Gbit/s Local: Synology NAS on a WAN with 1 Gbit/s

I’ve already disabled the “use relay” in the advanced settings and i mad sure both, client and server, show that they are connected via a direct tcp wan connection.

Both clients seem to use there full bandwith, but only when pausing/resuming manually.

thanks in advance guys!

Do you have rate limiting enabled? Did you check that you are running 64bit versions on processors that are 64bit?

I recall there being reports about a similar case in the past, where the rate tapers off.

No, rate limiting isn‘t enabled (if it was, then the speed shouldn‘t ramp up after pause/resume i guess) and yes, both processors are 64bit architecture.

Are the applications both running 64 bit versions?

Both run 64bit Debian 12 with docker

Sure, but you can run a 32bit application on a 64bit os. I’m just trying to verify that you are running 64bit releases of syncthing.

If you are, then not sure what to suggest. Does resource usage of the application change over time?

Did you try running it outside of docker? Wonder if it gets throttled due to cgroups.

Sorry for my misunderstanding… both instances are 64bit i guess. I‘ll try to run it outside docker, but why would it achieve fullspeed after resuming -.-

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