Slow start/resume of large file transfer


I’m trying to find out what is happening with a 50 GB file after scanning. Upload/download show “0 B/s” and status is e.g. “Syncing (5%)”. CPU usage is ~0% and RAM usage is the same as idle.

It also happens if you pause and resume the device. After time of ~5-10min everything transfers full speed as expected.

Why is there such a long wait before the transfer starts? Is Syncthing exchanging or calculating something?

Run with verbose I guess or STTRACE=all I guess.

Thanks, I will try this with next transfers

Please improve output log (if devicename is known), for example Completion for folder "foldername" on device AAAA-BBBB-CCCC to Completion for folder "foldername" on device "devicename"

This would be a lot faster and easier to read.

I guess the receiving side is working through the 2.5GB of data which is already there to see that it is the same and doesn’t need to be transferred.

Sorting/sending indexes as well, likely.

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