Simultaneous sync jobs?

Tried searching for the awnser but didn’t end up with anything good;

When I’m done setting up all my folder across a few devices and lets syncthing do what it does best I notice it works but somehow it seems its only syncing one folder/share at a time. Is this by design?

I thought perhaps simoultanous syncing would be perfered (seeing as atleast my server as a good connection and can handle the load)

Currently one of my larger folders (120GB) is syncing and while that is running my (android) phone doesn’t seem to be able to sync up to my server (it did before it large folder started to sync), it just sits arround doing nothing (the phone/server can “see” each other and connection is ok)

No, folders sync in parallell. This is either a misinterpretation or a bug.

Are you saying syncthing one folder at a time, as in, if it’s being synced on machine X, then machine Y is not syncthing?

This seems to be only related to the android app, after more testing I conclude that the desktop/laptop clients sync perfectly

I’ll do some more testing :slight_smile:

So Syncthing syncs all folders in at the same time even if they are on the same hdd? Wouldn’t that considerably slow down the performance of the hdd compared to read/write sequentially?

Maybe, but its not our problem, as we cannot know the users setup and I don’t think it’s worth while to put junction and bind mount following code for the sake of theoretical improvement. If you set rescan intervals slighthly differently it should’t be an issue.

The hdd has one head anyway, and requests for each block come at different points in time, so the hdd would be doing a lot of seeking anyway. Unless it’s 100% idle.

Plus usually the network/encryption is the bottle neck not disk speed.

Also, good operating systems and filesystems do enough readahead and preallocation to handle this perfectly fine. We’re not forcing sync writes, so the write cache can be used fully.