Simple file versioning on WinXP

Syncthing doesn’t delete old files with “simple file versioning” on WinXP, and deletes correct with “Staggered File Versioning”.

Are there any errors in the console? Can you try running with environment variable STTRACE set to versioner, and get some logs? Also, can you check that the archived files are not marked as read only?

Also, just for sake of sanity (as I don’t know how exactly versioning is supposed to work) can you verify that it works differently between Windows and Linux? If it is the case, then I guess it’s worth an issue on github.

Console displays no errors.

Did you mean “SET STTRACE=versioner” before starting Syncthing?

No readonly attribute is set… If I change versioning to “Staggered” - syncthing deletes old versions after restart. On Linux (Ubuntu) simple versioning works fine - keeps only two old versions (as I set).

Yes. Also, I wonder if it happens with Windows 7 onwards.

Regardless, it sounds like a bug, and you should probably open an issue on github.

I opened an issue on github (I’m not sure I’ve done it right). I can’t test this “bug” on Win7 at this time… On Win2k3 it happens like on WinXP.

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