Sia integration with Syncthing

Hi all! Zach here from the Sia team ( We are a blockchain-based decentralized cloud storage network.

We recently posted a bounty for a Minio integration, and it was very successful. We want to post a new bounty in the next day or two, and are thinking Syncthing would be an amazing choice.

What do you think of having Syncthing be able to copy files to a decentralized cloud storage service? Trying to figure out if this bounty makes the most sense. Would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks!

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What is the use case you have in mind?

Without much thinking I see two options: Treat Sia as a filesystem or implement a “virtual remote device” that interfaces Sia instead of another Syncthing instance. It seems like the perfect time for the former, as a filesystem abstraction was just added to the most recent release candidate. It would probably need additional effort to make two simultaneously used filesystems possible, as I assume a user would like to have his data locally too. Well in any case the use case question has to be dealt with first.

Why not Minio itself which then can be backed by Sia?

You can’t run syncthing on Sia though, and we don’t support local cross folder syncing on the same device, which means you’d have to run 2 copies of syncthing talking over local network to sync local to offsite storage.