Show a list of currently syncing files

I would like to have a list of files that are currently syncing. Either as a standalone list in the UI, or as an entry under the respective device(s), perhaps between “Upload rate” and “Address”. I experience often that Syncthing is uploading something to someone, and I can’t always figure out exactly what file(s).

What do you guys think?

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It’s already there. Click on the out of sync line for the given folder.

Yes, this is correct for the receiving end. I have a couple master folders on my device, that are “Up to Date”. And I’m uploading to another device. I want to see what files are currently uploading, without access to the receiving device.

Certainly possible (as in, files someone has requested a block from in the last x seconds from this device, or something like that). Please file a feature request on Github.

There is no concept of uploading, it’s pretty much like torrent, you know who’s connected to you, but you have no concept of what remote peers are doing, because they might ask someone else for parts of the file and not you, hence you cannot make any assumptions on what they are doing as they might never show any activity towards you.

You have the sync percentage which indicates that the other peer is doing somethig, but this is as good as it will ever get.

Or is this more about what your role is? Rather than you trying to understand what the remote node is doing?

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I can accomplish what I want with Process Monitor in Windows. It can filter all the running processes down to what part of what file is being read by syncthing.exe.

calmh seems to get it :smile:

Yeah, but that only reveals what you are being asked, not what others are actually doing, as I’ve explained, a node might never ask you for anything, and get the file from someone else, hence assuming that the cluster is idle because nobody is asking you anything would be wrong.

:+1: I’d love to see this available on the events interface

Yeah this would never be about what the cluster is doing, but about what your local device is doing. Much like the downloads, really.


It would be nice if we could at least see from which Folder the other Node is requesting Blocks :smile: