Should I share to all my nodes?

I have a simple setup of three Syncthing nodes:

  • A NAS
  • A Macbook
  • A Mac desktop

It’s just me who uses the machines, so file edits will only be done by myself either on the Macbook or the desktop, usually I work on one machine for a few weeks, then switch to the other.

Currently I use the NAS as a “central hub” to keep two folders in sync between the the Macbook & the desktop with the NAS in the middle as it’s always on.

Without the NAS there could be a case of me working on the desktop for a few weeks, forgetting to sync with the Macbook, switching off the desktop and going travelling and then finding I have nothing powered on back home to sync with and get hold my latest work.

The Macbook is set to share with the NAS and similarly the desktop is set to share with the NAS, but the two machines aren’t set to share with each other. Is there any benefit (or problem) with me also setting my Syncthing Folder on the Macbook & desktop to share with each other as well as the NAS?



Transfers will be a (tiny) bit faster with direct connection and I don’t see any downsides, so while it probably won’t matter much, I don’t see any downside.

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There would be issues if you had set up “everyone syncing to everyone” in case you had hundreds of devices (Syncthing does tend to consume more memory the more devices you’re sharing with), but with just three devices, as @imsodin just said, that shouldn’t even remotely be an issue. Shouldn’t be an issue even you had thirty devices.

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Thanks both. I’ll enable sharing peer-to-peer between the two machines as well as the NAS and see how I get on.