Sharing the same directory with exclusions for one version


I keep all my personal stuff at the moment stored this way:





then in syncthing I have a share setup for “root” and one for “documents” I use this as my root dir is about 20GB, while documents is only 50mb so I sync documents with laptop as I don’t need the other stuff. But this directory layout is annoying.

I would rather do:




then setup two syncthing entries: -one that excludes archive and misc (for my laptop - the 50mb version) -one that gives me everything (the 20GB version)

is this possible with syncthing? if so, how do i set it up?

(Jakob Borg) #2

It is not possible, as ignores are per folder, and stored in the folder. You could however ignore archive and misc on the laptop instead.


Darn, thanks for the suggestion Jakob.