Shared-with settings implementation

I’d say that it’s more than just one click, e.g. if the GUI is used in the one-column mode, which is always the case on a smaller screen, then you have to scroll down to the device list all the time. Even on wide screens, if the screen is short vertically (e.g. on a laptop/tablet), then you still have to scroll to be able to see remote devices (because “This Device” is unfolded by default, taking quite a bit of screen space). This is regardless of the number of devices, i.e. it can be just one or two, and you still have to scroll down to see them, then scroll up again to the folders list, then down again, and so on.

Sure, but to add up to [amount of folders] links to the same remote device…just to save a scroll and maybe one click once in a while…that does not strike me as very useful. And we aim (I think?) to do the same backwards. Up to [amount of devices] links to the same folder…

We don’t need to make everything blue:)

Yeah, I don’t really need this specific functionality personally, as I’m a kind of user that likes to set things up once and then forget about them (with the exception of ignore patterns that I do use to download files on demand, at least from time to time). It’s likely only useful if you need to make frequent changes in the configuration.

Now the question is what to do with the already merged changes, i.e. leave as is, modify, revert? Also, what about the original issue? Should it be reopen? Is linking to the folder’s sharing tab directly even desired?

Only one of those is visible at any time, as the other folders panels are not expanded. Makes sense to me to have it where I currently focus on.

Whatever we do with the current implementation, there should be a decision before we start mirroring it to the device panels.

And for the future, it would be nice to get such high level feedback while the PR is still open. You’re all welcome to subscribe on GitHub and get involved right when one is opened.

Yes, this is intuitive. My reluctance from the beginning was to open a Device editor from within the Folders pane, when I was stuck to the idea the original PR was a quick-link to Shared-with devices list for this Folder.

As I commented in the PR, we mostly never change Device Name, so why default open General tab? #device-Advanced seems to me a better candidate, same for the “Edit” button, to maximize the chance to hit on first click the most changed “Number of Connections” and “Device rate limits”, better for repetitive tasks. Sharing tab is a second choice, General the worst (IMO).

And yes, I must admit that a direct jump to a device from a folder is very useful to prevent scrolling, even with my only 17 other devices.

Yes too, that’s what the original #8972 proposed and I found useful on the first.

This is my PR #9484

Although it is not the way PR #9472 did it. Instead Jaspitta opens the related device settings.

:joy: I did this discrete a lot.

“Advanced” is problematic though, as the average user isn’t really supposed to touch anything in there, especially things like the “unstrusted” tickbox. There has been an issue on the forum recently where the user marked their devices as “untrusted” without understanding what it did, leading to them being unable to connect with one another.

This may be a part of yet another discussion though, mainly about which settings are really supposed to be modified by the average user and which should be left for the advanced user only. For example, “device rate limits” is something that may be needed by everyone, however the “number of connections” and “untrusted” should likely be left alone in the vast majority of cases.

So do/am I: the way I did #9474 (Sharing) is easy to tweak to make the same for Ignores/Versionning and Advanced (for quick “File Pull Order” change/revert)

Sorry, yet done in #9474. Just ignore/drop it

Is it really useful? IIRC I proposed to have it default folded some years ago. I don’t know if there was a discussion before.

I’d say it is actually useful, both for the user themselves, e.g. to verify that Listeners, Discovery, etc. are working as intended, and also for debugging purposes, e.g. when people post screenshots on the forum, so that we don’t need to ask them to unfold it specifically beforehand.

Yes. Btw it’s worth a warning in the GUI to warn against changing it after a while sharing files with the device trusted. Whatever, do you feel General is the worst (okay, let’s say inefficient :wink:)?

Really ? I changed it everywhere to 6 since this setting was introduced! I even set it in Devices Defaults. Bad idea? I thought it was the way to workaround poor throughput.

Yeah, I think something should probably be done about it. Maybe even block it with a warning as long as there are already folders shared without a password. The GUI should also prevent the user from sharing a folder with an untrusted device without setting a password first.

It’s a good idea if you know what you’re doing and why. If you don’t, then it’s better to leave it at the default value :innocent:. I think I’ve seen an example on a forum where someone set it to some crazy high value.