Shared Folder stuck on 'Receive Only'

I’ve been using SyncTrayzor and Syncthing-GTK alternately on Windows, and Syncthing-GTK on Linux. A problem occurs in which any shared folder on the linux box running syncthing-gtk is forced into ‘Receive Only Folder’ mode, regardless of changes made to the setting, and regardless of the setting of the Windows box, which have always been set to ‘Send/Receive’ mode regardless of if I was using SyncTrayzor or Syncthing-GTK. Anytime I try to add a shared folder, locally or remotely, to the linux box running syncthing-gtk, it keeps selecting the checkbox for ‘Receive Only Folder’ mode, and resets any changes I make manually back to ‘Receive Only Folder’ mode. I’m gonna assume this is an issue with syncthing-gtk specifically and I should post on their Gitgub, but thought I would post here as well. Any ideas why this is happening?

By the way the WebUI is accessible for me at localhost:8080(older client) and localhost:8384(newer client), and the setting in the WebUI under ‘Edit Folder’ --> ‘Advanced’ --> ‘Folder Type’ will hold the selection and not revert back to ‘Receive Only’ as is the case with both of the GUIs.

Sounds like a bug with gtk

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Seems to work fine with the WebUI, here’s an open issue thread for it at syncthing-gtk’s github:

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